Do you sell parts?2023-04-07T17:05:05-04:00

No, we sell our services.

What is your after hours fee?2023-04-25T16:23:32-04:00

$189 for after hours trip, gets an hour’s worth of diagnosis, from there it’s either a quick fix or a quote is offered, $189 is then included in quote if needed.

What is the diagnostic fee?2023-04-07T17:05:54-04:00

$49 which will be applied to any repair or replacement.

How much does a duct cleaning cost?2023-04-07T17:10:18-04:00

Each job is different, the duct cleaning professional would have to access the home first and then they will give you all the cleaning options we offer from basic to premium.

What’s included in a seasonal tune up?2023-04-25T16:33:35-04:00

An entire system check and inspection as well as a light cleaning on the furnace.

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Do you cut holes in my vents?2023-04-25T16:24:37-04:00

No. However, we cut one main hole in the supply vent and in the return vent so it cleans each vent thoroughly.

What does an electrical tune up include?2023-04-07T17:08:36-04:00

Electrical health report, breaker box tuneup, emergency alert test (smoke detectors), will change customer lighted bulbs and batteries under 10 ft, will dust ceiling fans under 10 ft, will clean and inspect bathroom exhaust fan.

How much can I expect to pay?2023-04-07T17:04:22-04:00

Our professionals can give you an up front cost that includes everything it will take to do the work.

What is the difference between estimate and diagnostic?2023-04-07T17:01:57-04:00

An estimate is an on site quote of what the work is likely to cost. A diagnostic is an actual service that requires work.

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